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In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, efficient testing processes are crucial to ensure the delivery of high-quality applications. However, when dealing with a large number of visual test cases, managing and organizing them effectively can be a daunting task. That’s where Imagium’.io ‘s latest feature comes in. With its powerful filtering and sorting capabilities, Imagium.io simplifies visual test case management, allowing teams to streamline their testing workflows and achieve faster and more accurate results. Say goodbye to manual sorting and searching, and embrace a seamless testing experience with Imagium’s intuitive features designed to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

  1. Assign tags to each step: Begin by assigning relevant tags to your visual test case steps using API’s. These tags could include descriptors such as language (e.g., English, French), situation (e.g., Sit, Dev), or release name, ensuring that each step is properly categorized
  2. Select the desired project: From the home screen, navigate to the project selection area and choose the project you want to work with
  3. Access the filter icon: Click on this icon to open the filter options and start customizing your filtering criteria
  4. Configure the filter: A “Select Filter” window will appear, presenting various criteria that you can use to filter your visual test cases
  5. Apply the filter: Once you have selected the necessary filtering criteria, click the “Apply” button to activate the filter. The system will automatically filter the visual test cases based on your chosen criteria, displaying only the relevant ones that match your specifications.

Sample Payload to assign Tags to a step

  "StepName": "Step 1",
  "TestRunID":  "4d8a4313-f7bd-440c-bf7a-898a7bff38b7",
  "Tags": "SIT,English,Release1"