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System Admin

admin/admin is the default username/password for system admin. It can be changed/deleted as required.

Only system Admin has the rights to add/update Projects, Users and Roles

More than one system admins can be added

Add Project

Enter project name and click on ‘Add’ button. The project field supports only alphanumeric characters and underscore.

Project key can be distributed with team members to start running the test cases.

Project Name cannot be edited later.

Add Project
Add Project

Delete Project

To delete a project simply click on the delete link corresponding to the required project.

Deleting a project will delete all the associated data and can take several minutes for larger projects

Delete Project
Delete Project


Add User

Enter details in User and Email field and click on ‘Add’ button.

The temporary password can be shared with end user and can be reset from the login page

Edit User

Click on the ‘Edit’ link, make the required changes and click on ‘Update’

Reset Password

To reset the password click on the ‘Reset Password’ link in front of the user row


There are only two project specific roles User & Admin

User has only the read rights for the assigned project

Admin has various rights like delete test, add region exclusion and override the baseline

Enter User , Project, select the Role and click on ‘Add’ button

Assign Role