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Compatibility & Support (4)

Imagium can be integrated with any Devops infrastructure. It supports all CI/CD tools like Jenkins and CircleCI etc.

Since Imagium takes images of base64 type, so any image format can be converted to base64 and used.

Imagium supports any programming language which supports sending post requests or execute shell/batch commands. So technically all the programming and scripting languages like C#, Java, Python , VBscript etc. are supported.

Imagium supports all the automation tools which are capable of taking screenshots and send HTTP requests or invoke command-line.

Some of the supported tools are as following: Selenium, Appium, UFT, Cypress, PlayWright, Coded-UI and Webdriver.IO etc

Features (10)

The ‘Default’ mode is an AI mode which works on proprietry algorithms and highlights only visual differences. It would ignore any pixel noise which is not perceivable to human eyes, so it prevent the false positives. This mode is capable of finding even the minutest of visual changes.

To know more about modes please check

The ‘Strict’ mode is a non AI mode which gives pixel by pixel comparison. This mode is not recommended for images with frequent pixel changes.

To know more about modes please check

To hide the scroll bar inject following java script in your code: = ‘hidden’;

    IWebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();
    IJavaScriptExecutor js = (IJavaScriptExecutor)driver; 
    js.ExecuteScript("return = 'hidden';");

Sample Selenium code

To taking full page screenshot using Selenium you have to rely on 3rd party libraries like Ashot and Shutterbug. For sample code please check here

Every tool has its own mechanism to take full page screenshot. For tools other than selenium please refer its respective user guide.

Dynamic regions like date, Ads and others can be easily ignored from GUI. Please refer here for more details.

If you want to share the violations to the users not onboarded on Imagium, you can easily export the images in PDF format from home page.

Yes, PDF files can be easily compared as images.

Very minimal coding skills are required to use Imagium.

Imagium will always mark failure for images with different resolutions.

Imagium accepts images only in base64 format, so any format can be transformed to base64 first and then fed using API payloads. Refer here for more details.

Installation & Usage (7)

No, Imagium is not available as SAS.

For system requirements and other details please refer here

Yes, the test cases can be executed form a MAC machine.

Images and other data is stored on your server machine.

Yes, tests can be executed on a windows machine. For more details please check the sample section.

At this moment Imagium cannot be installed on MAC, however it can be run and accessed on a MAC.

Yes, Imagium can be installed on windows or windows server using IIS. For more details please check here

Security (2)

Oneway key is a secure key which is tied to your machine. It is safe to share oneway key as it is encrypted using SHA-256 algorithms and cannot be reversed or decoded by anyone including us.

This key is used to assign various licenses to your machine.

All the data resides on your server and nothing is shared outside.