Buzz around Visual Testing has been there since a while but not doing it right can be detrimental for your money and time.

First of all let’s try to understand ‘What is Visual Testing?’ and what are various technologies available in the market. Majority of tools out there does comparisons at pixel level with some thresholding which leads to a large number of failures due to invisible pixel displacement. This also increases overall project cost. So we must have a mechanism that filters out all the invisible changes and at the same time does not miss out visible changes.

The existing tools which claims to offer AI based comparisons are heavily licensed so they end up digging a hole in your pocket. In addition to this they end up missing various differences. This leads to immense need of alternate free/affordable Visual Testing tool which also give accurate results.

Imagium is an on-premise cloud based AI powered automated visual testing tool

With it’s exposed rest API’s, it can be integrated with any automation tool (Selenium, Appium, UFT, Cypress, Playwright, Jenkins etc.) and any programming language (Java, C#, Python etc.)

All the sample codes, best practices like freezing animations , taking full page screenshot and converting base64 image etc are already shared in the knowledge base .

Here are some of the features of Imagium:

  • On-premise cloud
  • Side by Side comparison
  • API call’s to make comparison
  • Command-line execution
  • Multiple comparison modes
  • Test any browser and mobile device
  • Test standalone images
  • Integration with all programing languages
  • Integration with all automation tools
  • PDF comparisons
  • Multiple Projects and User
  • PDF reports
  • Automatic baseline creation
  • Exclude dynamic regions
  • Sort failures
  • Flip Images
  • Intuitive dashboard for violations
  • Control user access
  • Baseline management
  • Override baselines
2d5ali61tl271.png (1367×580)
AI based comparison
x4ugfabnul271.png (641×513)
Unwanted noise in Pixel by Pixel comparison