Enhancing Efficiency with Timeline Visualization and Historical Baseline Rollback


Baseline History

Baseline History offers a comprehensive view into the development stages of an application. This feature is invaluable for tracking changes and maintaining a complete historical record. Key functionalities include:

  • Complete Snapshot History: Each stage of the application’s evolution is recorded.
  • Timeline View: Visualize how each snapshot has altered over time.
  • Snapshot Restoration: Ability to revert to any previous version.
  • Snapshot Deletion: Option to remove any historical snapshot.

Automatic Capture Events: Baseline History is triggered by specific events:

  1. Creation of a new baseline.
  2. Updating the baseline with the current image.
  3. Restoring a baseline from the history.

Accessing Baseline History: Users can view the history by selecting a baseline step and clicking the ‘History’ button in the Baseline tab.

This feature simplifies the process of monitoring and managing changes, offering a clear, chronological overview of an application’s progression.

For more detailed information, visit the Imagium Baseline History Page.