In-Sprint automation is a dream as well as a need for any high performance agile team. However usually the product deliveries are never designed in a way to help in automation.

Most of the automation teams receive the working code towards the end of sprint, 2-3 days before sprint end. In this situation it becomes very difficult to automate and test everything in these few days.

In order to automate, the teams need to write a large number of assertions in a small window of time. Due to the time and bandwidth constraints the teams resort to testing things manually and they plan the automation in the next sprint. This leads to the culture of N – 1 sprint automation.

All these obstacles for In-Sprint automation can be easily dealt with help of Visual Testing powered by AI. You can replace all hand coded assertions with just one function call and thus saving a lot of time spent in writing manual assertions .

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Several line of code for assertion is replaced with one function call