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[Solved] Different Variations of Same Application Visual Testing

Shyam Sundar
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Can we test different variations of the same application in imagium, like let's say We have light and dark modes of the same app and when we test the dark mode variation it has to check it with the dark mode baseline and when checking with the light mode it has to compare it with the light mode baseline? Like A/B testing. Instead of creating two different tests for the same app, does imagium has the ability to check like this? Attaching the applitools a/b testing page for more reference, I want to know if the same feature is available in Imagium. Looking forward to your answers as it will be helpful for my thesis

Here is the link to the applitools page :-,is%20now%20marked%20as%20passed.

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Amrita Kaur
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There are ways in which A/B testing can be implemented in Imagium. It allows you to implement this use case in a controlled way as mentioned here


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