A/B testing or bucket testing is a methodology to measure user experience by presenting different versions of the same page to the end user. This is usually done to see how easily and efficiently an end user can interact with different forms and fields. It helps the organizations to take decisions to improve user experience.

Imagium supports the implementation of A/B testing in any automation framework. In any test case, a step is uniquely identified by its ‘StepName‘, so by easily changing the step name at runtime as per the new form of the page we can implement A/B testing for any number of variations in the page. Everything else is taken care of by Imagium automatically and you will not have to create multiple test cases. Also by using this approach the execution reports will clearly mention which version of the page was tested.

//Check which state of page is displayed - A or B ?
//Use the the stepname accordingly
//During first run of the each state a baseline will be created and later it will be compared against baseline
if(element != null)
  postRequest("Step 1" + "Form A", uid, scrBase64);
    postRequest("Step 1" + "Form B", uid, scrBase64);

In the above sample you check for the required condition and create the StepName at runtime. The above approach can also be implemented at test level by simply regenerating the TestName at runtime.