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Why do we need Visual Verification ?


Faster Feedback

Visual verification using Imagium is super fast to implement and run. Entire application may be visually tested in as less as 5 minutes in some cases


Reduced Coding Effort

A single function call can substitute 100’s or even 1000’s line of assertions written for content validation                                                                                  

Stable Automation

Visual Verification using Imagium leads to less flaky automation which is caused due DOM changes every now and then

Return On Investment

ROI for Visual Verification is usually much higher than standard automation testing owing to quicker and cheaper setup by Imagium

Visual Verification Use Cases

GUI Testing

Visual regression for web and mobile devices including cross browser remains one of the most popular use case for Visual Verification

Responsive Browser Testing

Testing the rendering of web and native applications in various resolutions is another popular use case as it becomes very expensive using traditional automation 

PDF Validation

PDF validation is a need for almost all the big and small organizations. Before visual verification this has been one of the most tedious task


Imagium makes it effortless to test applications which are customized for different demographies or have multiple versions

Map Validation

Maps are required to give the same output when standard parameters are passed (e.g. weather heat maps). Without visual verification it becomes virtually impossible to test this

Body Tags

For some health care projects it is imperative to precisely record body tags for wounds and scars. Imagium becomes very handy to test these scenarios

Email Template

Validation of email templates is something which can only tested efficiently in a visual manner

Game Validation

Various screens/states of mobile and other games needs to be visually tested


Just like maps, testing graphs manually with various parameters has always been a pain area



For regulatory projects Visual Verification is of utmost importance to ensure error free delivery

Web Crawlers

Crawler based automation for public sites clubbed with Imagium may be considered as highest attainable point for effortless automation


Navigation Testing

With the websites becoming more user friendly, navigation to certain screen sections upon specific action is becoming important area to test